jhai limited
We don't manufacture
anything and we don't
sel products
You can make an online
application at our website
by visiting www.jhai.co.uk
We're here solely to give you the best guidance and approvals that you need to achieve the desired
outcome for your project. Without you, we don't exist so we make it our business to be available in
as many ways as possible. At jhai you'll have a named Project Manager and all our surveyors can be
contacted on their mobiles when they're out and about.
If you need instant technical advice you can talk to any of our surveyors around the country whether
your project is in Newquay or Newcastle. Tell us if you need an urgent site inspection or plan check
turnaround. Advice on fire, sustainability or inclusive design issues is available from our in-house
specialists it's often free and if there's no standard answer to a problem we'll work out a strategy to
deal with it. And if you're unfamiliar with the Building Control process take a look at our chart.