jhai limited
The days of unhelpful and
obstructive building inspectors
are over. We focus on what you
can do, not what you can't. Tell
us what you want to achieve
and we'll help make it happen.
You can choose to select as
many or as few of our services
as you need. If you've only used
us for building control before,
give our other services a try.
You'll always receive expert,
friendly advice.
When it comes to keeping you
informed, just tell us what you
want in the way of education
The art of making andtraining,whetherit'sbrief
updates or in-depth technical
things happen
knowledge. Check our website
for details of seminars and
when you want
workshops around the country,
or if it suits you better we'll visit
them to happen
you. After all, you're in control.